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If Wet #19 – photo documentation

Here are a few pictures from If Wet #19, which featured two visiting artists. We were delighted to welcome Pete Ashton and Ben Gwilliam to present their latest work.

Our next event is our last of this season, featuring Rosanne Robertson! We aren’t having a big end-of-year event this year but we are planning to head to the pub to celebrate another season afterwards! JOIN US. Oh and, we have scribbled some notes on the back of a blog post regarding our plans for next year.


The odd speaker pods of our light-responsive Sonic Graffiti pieces


Starting up our light-responsive Sonic Graffiti pieces


Pete demonstrating slit-scanning


Pete demonstrating his selfie project


Pete demonstrating his Live Sonification of Photography, using images taken at If Wet

Naturally, Pete blogged his time at If Wet.


Ben demonstrating an early prototype of his latest piece


Ben’s long-form video and sound piece

Very rarely we had no Run What Ya Brung contributions this month, and ran to time!

Thank you to our guest and to all that made it down. Thanks to Team Joory for the wonderful catering and to Francis for the great cakes. Oh and St. George’s for the cracking beer. AND cheers to George Benson for taking these pictures – except those of Ben, which Our David took. Who did we miss!?

If Wet #19 – Preview

If Wet #19 – our penultimate in 2014 – is looming large. Sunday 26th October, 2-4pm! JOIN US.

We are delighted to have two artists presenting their work: Pete Ashton and Ben Gwilliam.


We will kick things off, demonstrating our latest work as MortonUnderwood. We will be bringing along the units we will have exhibited at the Longbridge Light Festival only the day before.


Then, it’s over to artist and If Wet regular Pete Ashton. Pete describes himself as more a photographer than a musician, but he is interested in whether the two disciplines are that different. In his own words, this is what he has planned for us at If Wet:

Since attending the first If Wet I’ve been thinking a lot about transduction – moving a signal from one medium to another. I’ve also been investigating slit-scan processing and whether the act of photography can be a performance. Using a digital variation on the classic Russian ANS synth (used by Tarkovsky amongst others) I will be presenting the first iteration of what I hope to be a long-term project and invite comments, criticism and collaboration.

To give you a better idea it’ll run like this:

  • I take a photo of someone. This goes straight onto the computer and is turned from a rectangle into a flat disc
  • I then print that disk out, cut it to a circle and place it on one of a number of turntables
  • Next I point a camera at the spinning disk which reads the image and produces sounds which are sent through the mixer to the speakers
  • This is repeated a number of times to see how changing the composition of the image can change the rhythms and sounds from the cameras

We look forward to seeing and hearing the results!


Then we have Ben Gwilliam, an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance.

Ben will be presenting elements of two new pieces from a body of research into how the materiality and experience of sound media reframe/transduce time and/or space. He will be bringing the bare bones for a new installation (albeit scaled down for this occasion) & will preview a new video work that will be released on his new imprint molt in 2015.

Ben’s practice is something of an in-between, binding together concepts and material experiences that are explored through sound media. Considering ‘sound media’ in the plural sense, the perception of sound itself is both physical and one that exists through recorded media. Through Installations, films & videos, performances and publishing he explores sound at the interaction of looking & listening, analogue & digital and music.


As ever, we also welcome short, informal presentations in our Run What Ya Brung section. Just bring any sonic oddity along and you can present it to the audience for their wonderment.

All accompanied by the usual local ale, home-made grub and cake. JOIN US.

Fundraiser: Framed photographs of If Wet

As part of the If Wet fundraising, photographer Pete Ashton is selling framed prints of his many photos taken at If Wet #1-5. As documentary photos, many of them aren’t really the sorts of things you’d want on your living room wall, but some work rather well. We asked him to select a few to make your selection easier.


If Wet - April 01
If Wet – April 01

If Wet - April 06
If Wet – April 06

If Wet 2 - May - 01
If Wet 2 – May – 01

If Wet 2 - May - 26
If Wet 2 – May – 26

If Wet 2 - May - 29
If Wet 2 – May – 29

If Wet 3 - June - 01
If Wet 3 – June – 01

If Wet 3 - June - 10
If Wet 3 – June – 10

If Wet 3 - June - 30
If Wet 3 – June – 30

If Wet 3 - June - 41
If Wet 3 – June – 41

If Wet 3 - June - 42
If Wet 3 – June – 42

If Wet 4 - July - 14
If Wet 4 – July – 14

If Wet 4 - July - 24
If Wet 4 – July – 24

If Wet 4 - July - 25
If Wet 4 – July – 25

If Wet 5 - August - 27
If Wet 5 – August – 27

If Wet 5 - August - 39
If Wet 5 – August – 39

  • All Pete’s If Wet photos are in this Flickr set and you can choose any of them.
  • Deadline for orders is November 22nd. Pete will be printing them to order so will need a week.
  • Photos will be brought to If Wet in Callow End on Saturday November 30th.
  • The sizes are A4 in an IKEA Ribba 30x40cm frame for £20, and A3 in a Ribba 40x50cm frame for £40.
  • The photos are mounted and Pete will sign the mount.
  • If you’d rather not pay by Paypal, please get in touch with Pete.
  • If you can’t collect from If Wet but really want a print, get in touch with Pete though be aware he’ll add a reasonable surcharge.

More information on the Season #1 Finale and fundraiser event, Saturday 30th November, here: fundraiser.ifwet.org.uk