Monthly radio show – please help!

As outlined in our future plans, we are starting a regular monthly radio programme, to fall – as If Wet does – on the last Sunday of the month, from 2-4pm; during our off-season.

At present we are thinking we will “broadcast” via Mixcloud (embedded on our site) and we are also finalising plans with Soundart Radio to include our show in their schedule.

For now, the shows will be pre-recorded but we plan to always make them live in a given timeslot and then be on-hand via Twitter for any interaction and feedback. Our first show will provide some holiday listening for most, as it will be aired at 2pm on December the 28th.

Each show will focus on a different musical instrument and is intended to drive our research and development as instrument makers, as well as hopefully being entertaining! It’s not intended to be comprehensive; more a snapshot of what we have unearthed to date.

Please help!
We need your help, on two fronts:

  1. We have never run a radio show before so please let us know anything you know about that. Anything goes at this stage; from suggestions that our approach is all wrong, through to personal reflections about what you like as a listener
  2. Links and suggestions for our first show, which will focus on the tuba. Please just add information on anything or anyone you think is exciting in the world of the tuba, via the comments. We are open to all sorts: from contacting players for input, to talking about technical aspects, to playing banging brass band party tunes. We’d rather you popped it in the comments and we didn’t end up featuring it than missing something great that’s out there…

SO, please help us by popping your comments below. We look forward to reading them!

Thank you.

[Oh and we have some ideas for what instruments to feature next but we welcome yours]


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