If Wet at Flatpack – Preview

The first If Wet of 2014 is upon us and it’s also our first outside of the village hall. On Saturday 29th March, 3-6pm we will be at Flatpack Festival in Birmingham. We are delighted to present a double-bill made up of Trevor Cox and Sebastiane Hegarty. JOIN US.

Sonic Wonderland

Sonic Wonderland, Trevor Cox

Trevor Cox is Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford and author of Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey of Sound. His book is contains examples of some of the most fascinating sounds on the planet, including sand dunes that drone and the world’s longest reverb.

In-keeping with Flatpack’s aquatic leanings this year, Trevor will present a variety of recordings and stories related, at least loosely, to watery sounds. As ever when Trevor presents there will be a mixture of science and sound, and a deep understanding of and enthusiasm for his subject.

Sebastiane Hegarty

Rain Choir, Sebastiane Hegarty

We are also delighted to welcome interdisciplinary artist Sebastiane Hegarty, who will be presenting a collage of sound and talk around the subject of time and place in relation to sound and field-recording. This will include a presentation of his work Rain Choir, a sound installation he created for the crypt at Winchester Cathedral.

One Water

One Water, MortonUnderwood

Your hosts MortonUnderwood will be presenting their One Water instrument, which was commissioned by Swedish composer Jonas Asplund. Their brief: “make me an instrument that uses water in the way it makes sound”.

We will also have our regular Run What Ya Brung section where anyone can do a brief, informal presentation of a sonic curiosity they might own or have built. Please JOIN US and contribute! If you do wish to contribute please drop a line ahead of the event to: hello@ifwet.org.uk

We hope to see you at Flatpack on Saturday 29th March at 3pm! Tickets here

Note: includes a separate screening of Solipcism Cinema by Stephen Cornford if you stick around!

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