If Wet #5 – Preview

It’s just one week until If Wet #5 – Sunday 25th August, 2-4pm. We have a double-bill for you made up of the fabulous Kathy Hinde and Nikki Pugh. JOIN US.

Vocal Migrations

Vocal Migrations, Kathy Hinde

Kathy will be presenting her Vocal Migrations work, which combines live singing with electronically altered voices and is inspired by how bats ‘Echo-locate’ by using sound to ‘see’ their surroundings. The results and implications for music and performance are fascinating. Oh and Kathy has also been using the technology to help people navigate spaces without using their vision.

Come and experience this first hand!

Score for heavy objects and built environment

Score for heavy objects and built environment, Nikki Pugh

Nikki will be presenting her work Score for heavy objects and built environment. As I have experienced before from Nikki this project required some lugging around of odd GPS-enabled objects in preparation (see image above).

Come and hear the results!


Score for heavy objects and built environment, route

Your hosts MortonUnderwood are taking a bit of a back seat for this one, but you can never be quite sure what we might bring along!

We will also have our regular Run What Ya Brung section where anyone can do a brief, informal presentation of a sonic curiosity they might own or have built. Last month we had a (rare-as-rocking-horse-dung) Stroh guitar demonstrated by Richard Windley. Please JOIN US and contribute!

We will also have the usual yummy treats of home-made food, cakes and a local ale.

We hope to see you at Callow End Village Hall on Sunday the 25th August at 2pm!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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