Fundraiser – start delayed until 5:30pm

Bouncy castle inside

We are having to delay the start of our fundraiser by 30 minutes, due to a double-booking made by the people who organise the village hall. As a result we will only be able to get into the hall at 5pm and we are told they will still be removing a bouncy castle at the time! This might make things a little more shambolic/charming in general as we wont have the time we’d hoped to set up and test – but we’ll manage. If you do arrive at 5pm you will of course be welcomed in but please consider delaying until 5:30pm if you can.

Once in, grab yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and we will start around 6pm with a presentation by your hosts MortonUnderwood.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. See you soon!

The whole bouncy castle inside a village hall thing had passed us by but the image above is in fact of Callow End Village Hall.

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